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Buying Kava: Labels Don't Tell The Whole Story

As a mom the first thing I do with any product for my kids is check where it came from and what the ingredients are. When I first started using kava I wasn’t as thorough, instead I relied on what friends gave me or suggested. In those early days, I enjoyed the effects of kava but felt like I hadn’t quite found my best fit. I kept experimenting and eventually discovered a kava tincture which works best for me and my busy life. I’d like to share some of my tips for where to find the best kava and what to look for in different brands so that you can more quickly find your own best fit.

Visit Brand Websites. It’s Worth It.

I started my kava research in the obvious places. I went to the big chain stores and skimmed through the many options available on Amazon. I found myself wanting to know more. Information about the products and brands seemed limited so began to visit the individual brand websites. Here is what I was looking for (and what you should look for too!).

  • Where is the kava grown? Does the company focus on small, family farms or larger ones? Different countries grow specific kava strains so look for the one that suits you the best.

  • Is the company committed to fair-trade practices? Do they help support the communities that grow the kava? Bargain basement prices are usually a sign that farmers aren’t getting a fair price for their products.

  • Is the kavalactone blend and strength of the supplement right for you? What is the desired effect? When would you like to use it and how?

Another benefit to buying directly from the brand’s website is the possibility of getting promotions or discounts on their products. Some brands offer a sizable discount if you're a new customer or purchase in bulk. While getting a good price is nice, be cautious about prices that seem too good to be true. Lower prices not only impact the quality of the kava, but also the quality of life of those who produce the kava. It is worth spending a little bit more to make sure you are getting the best quality possible and helping to provide a fair income for kava growers.

Deciding where to buy your kava also depends on what kind of kava you’re looking for. The three main types of kava each produce a different effect. Heady promotes clarity and focus, with a sense of calm, heavy is for relaxing, improving your mood and restful sleep while a balanced strain mixes focus and calm at the same time. Different places specialize in different kava items like teas, candies or tinctures so think about what form of kava would be best for your lifestyle and needs. Tinctures are easy to carry with you, but a tea or powdered kava is good for when you have time make and enjoy a drink.

Find a Passionate and Knowledgeable Kava Vendor

Lastly, I try to make sure that the vendors align with the values that I believe in. This means I want somewhere that offers good customer service, are knowledgeable about their products and are committed to making sure their kava comes from fair trade sources. After all if you’re committing to make kava part of your health and wellness routine you need someone you can trust with advice and guidance. They should be as passionate about kava as you are. Good sites have lots of reviews and not just ones that gush about the products, look for ones that are pleased but not over the top.

I still enjoy picking up new kava items like kava chocolate, candies or teas when I’m out shopping. But now instead of just grabbing items on a whim I’m able to do so with more knowledge and awareness of what I’m purchasing and how it can help me manage my busy life.


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