Our Team

Vu Nguyen


Vu grew up in the small farming town of Salinas, California. He worked along side his dad, an immigrant fisherman who built a sustainable commercial fishery and taught him the importance of family and hard work from a very young age. He started his own entrepreneurial career at 11 years old when he ran a comic bookstand. In high school, he had a successful reconditioning automotive business, which allowed him to pay his way through college. He received a degree in Business Marketing from San Francisco State University and gained his professional experience working alongside executives of a Fortune 500 Company. Coming from a family that practiced eastern medicine, Vu was always intrigued by natural products and herbs. Vu created a product called 1Hour Break, an all-natural oral spray that relieves symptoms of stress. His goal is to inspire as many people as possible to become more enthusiastic about simply leading a healthier lifestyle.

Involvement with 1Hour Break:

Vu co-founded 1Hour Break with his wife Allison and brother-in-law, Don Lardizabal in 2012, taking on the role of Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for product and brand development, creating sustainable marketing and distribution strategies, discovering new collaborative partnerships and revenue streams, as well as acting as the key visionary and relationship builder for the company.

What You May Not Know About Vu

Vu is an avid 49ers, Golden State Warriors and SF Giants fan. He enjoys playing city league sports in his spare time, and loves traveling without any plans. He is dedicated to making a positive difference, while building new relationships, and enjoying every breath of life.

Personal Motto

Follow your heart and believe in yourself, you are worth it.

Don Lardizabal


Don Lardizabal began his career as an investment and brokerage consultant, gaining experience in the acquisition and disposition of more than $70 million of commercial property throughout the Greater San Diego region. Don worked with clients to maximize their cash returns from building operations and contacted investors to successfully pitch the sale or exchange of real estate, marketing, financing, and financial analysis. He also provided opportunities for his clients and potential investors to conduct feasibility studies for rehabilitation, development and entitlement for condominium conversion.

Don co-founded 1Hour Break with his brother-in-law, Vu Nguyen in 2012, taking on the role of Chief Financial Officer. While Don continues to primarily focus on financial and operations management, he is also vital in terms of business development and media, publishing, and advertising relations.

Involvement with 1Hour Break:

Don describes himself as a “passionate and ambitious Generation Y entrepreneur with the belief that the power of an idea can shape the lives and attitudes of an individual, while also ultimately changing the world.” He is dedicated to creating innovative products and concepts to address immediate concerns brought on by our modern lifestyles.

What You May Not Know About Don

Don is an avid San Diego State University basketball and San Diego Chargers football fan. In his free time, he enjoys boxing, martial arts, and sports fishing in Baja and Southern California. As an organic gardener and backyard griller, he’s also known to frequently tune in to The Food Network.

Personal Mission

To wake up as many people as possible and to launch ideas bigger than himself.

Allison Lardizabal


Allison is a registered nurse with experience in community and clinical nursing as well as critical and emergency care. She’s been published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing for an article entitled, Is Financial Gain to Blame for the Growing ADHD Epidemic?

As a health and wellness professional with a strong multi-disciplinary background, Allison is also a design professional with experience in interiors, product development, graphic art, textiles, and multimedia.

Involvement with 1Hour Break:

Allison is the wife of co-founder Vu Nguyen and sister of co-founder Don Lardizabal. She’s what the team describes as the foundation of 1Hour Break, taking care of the entire team and thought of as the glue that holds everything together. As President, Allison’s impact can be felt throughout the entire company, her expert input is critical behind the scenes and can be seen through the vision of the 1Hour Break lifestyle brand. She is responsible for product design and brand aesthetic, as well as the creation of marketing and branding materials, and written copy for print, online, and social media use.

Allison is dedicated to bridging the gap between the provider and patient or family. She aims to establish therapeutic relationships, and provide education that facilitates health maintenance, health promotion, and wellness, encouraging lifestyle changes.

What You May Not Know About Allison

Allison is interested in travel, learning people’s stories, and gaining new perspectives. She loves to cook, eat, and entertain; drawn to food culture and the community that food creates. In her free time, she’s also interested in music, dance, creative arts, design, and exercising in the form of biking or any physical activity.

Andrew Stinnett

Director of Business Development

Andrew Stinnett is a graduate of the University of Southern California. He has extensive experience driving revenue growth and multi-million dollar account acquisitions in start-up, high-growth, and well-established corporations. To meet the needs of his clients, Andrew’s leveraged his frontline selling abilities, relationship management expertise, and consultative approach, resulting in improvements in mutual visibility and success in an ultra-competitive marketplace. As a champion of scalable sales standards, protocols, and procedures built from the ground up, Andrew offers innovative coaching and training that boosts the retention and advancement of top-performing talent.

Involvement with 1Hour Break:

Andrew began his tenure with 1Hour Break after reconnecting with his childhood best friend, Allison Lardizabal, wife of co-founder Vu Nguyen and sister of co-founder Don Lardizabal. After learning of 1Hour Break’s vision, Andrew immediately took on an unpaid part-time position with the company despite also balancing a full-time career in Dallas, TX. Over time, Andrew’s passion for 1Hour Break and the company’s dynamic family-oriented environment, led him to relocate to San Diego and take a full-time executive position with the company.

Andrew is currently acting Director of Business Development for 1Hour Break, overseeing marketing, talent acquisition, and identifying partnership opportunities.

What You May Not Know About Andrew

Andrew is an avid USC Trojans and Los Angeles Lakers fan. He developed a love for travel at a young age, due to his father being in the military. Thus, it’s natural that he also developed an affinity for music, people, and food that spans a diverse group of backgrounds and cultures. He attributes himself to be an outside the box thinker, passionate philanthropist, and encouraging golfer. His favorite book is, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. While his personal belief is to live in the now, no concerns with yesterday, but always have tomorrow in mind.

Personal Motto

All experiences are good experiences. There’s always something to be learned.