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#BeatAnxiety: Join the 1Hour Break Movement

As members of the media, we naturally work in a stressful environment. There’s a constant buzz in the pressroom journalists often moving at a frenzied pace to meet our daily deadlines.
The only place of solace to be found is the break room where we treat ourselves to fresh doses of caffeine that frequently acts as our crutch to get through the day.
It’s a stressful environment, a stressful job, and sometimes even a stressful life filled with constantly looking for the next great story to tell or a unique angle to a beaten down topic that every newsroom has already covered a trillion times over.
So how do you think I felt when the story of 1Hour Break, the all-natural oral spray for stress and anxiety relief fell into my lap?
No, literally it was as if a gift from the heavens was bestowed upon me for all the endless hours I’ve spent staring at a blank word document, not sure what to write.
Here was the cure to solving my daily bouts with stress and anxiety, as well as the perfect story to cover for my readers.
I recently had the opportunity to speak with the Co-Founder of 1Hour Break, Vu Nguyen about their brand new sexy all-natural product and how it came to be. Check out their story below:
“We want 1Hour Break to open up an entirely new conversation about simply leading a healthier, more natural lifestyle,” said Nguyen. “We believe our product not only provides a much needed benefit but more importantly our hope is that 1Hour Break encourages a shift in mindset, allowing our community to become excited to join the natural movement. We encourage more holistic practices and awareness that all-natural alternatives do exist and can be cool, fun, and easily integrated into everyone’s lives.”
So this is where you come in readers.
1Hour Break has invited our community to join them in their quest and with our help, #beatanxiety.
Check out their IndieGogo campaign that went live, March 11th: