Anxiety Relief,Anxiety Relief

It’s common to feel anxious when facing a challenging situation, such as a job interview, a tough exam, a blind date, or new social situations. Many people struggle with constant generalized anxiety where anxiety is so overwhelming it interferes with daily life. Symptoms of anxiety include increased heart rate, sweatiness, and nervousness; many describe it as a sense of fear, or feeling like they have lost control.

Kava Kava is notable in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, but allows you to remain alert and lucid, making it suitable for daytime use. Competitive kava products, extracts, and pills usually contain a dosage of 70-210 mg of kavalactone (Kava’s active-ingredient proven effective in reducing anxiety.) Our 1Hour Break™ proprietary blend contains over 5 times this amount of kavalactone and acts much faster by avoiding the digestion process, as it is absorbed almost instantaneously in your mouth.

When facing anxious or nervous moments, quickly reach for 1Hour Break™ and dispense 10-15 sprays (2-3ml) into your mouth and wait 5 seconds before swallowing. Increase use as needed. 1Hour Break™, formulated with the most potent and organic Kava, was specifically designed for these unpredictable moments.

*Kava is a natural anesthetic and may cause a temporary numbing sensation. Do not be alarmed; 1Hour Break™ is at work.