Instructions and Helpful Advice

Helpful Tip: If this is your first time using 1Hour Break, we recommend trying 1Hour Break cold. Chill it in the fridge or freezer prior to use. As with most things, serving something cold improves the taste and also reduces any irritation that you may experience if you’re not accustomed to dosing herbal extracts/medicine directly under the tongue. The area under your tongue has a very sensitive mucous membrane. Chilling 1Hour Break will reduce any irritation. In the future, 1Hour Break does not have to be kept cold or stored in the fridge. This is only a recommendation for your first time using the product. (Tip provided by Mrs. Josephine Neal of Oakland, CA)

1) If this is your first time using 1Hour Break we recommend you start with a minimum dose of 10 sprays until you determine what is an effective amount for you (10 sprays = 2ml). From 10 sprays we recommend you adjust your dose accordingly to reach your desired effect. Add 5 or more sprays or use less in your next dosage.

2) Begin with 5 sprays at a time and apply it directly underneath your tongue on the soft mucous membrane. Spraying more than 5 sprays at a time may waste extract. It may flow over the target area, the area under your tongue.

(Info: Other than your eyes, nose, and directly into your blood stream, the mucous membrane under your tongue is the most effective way for your body to absorb substances. It contains many capillaries. This enables substances to quickly absorb into your body and bypass your digestive tract.)

3) Allow 1Hour Break to absorb under your tongue. We recommend a minimum of 10 seconds. The longer you allow 1Hour Break to have contact with the membrane under your tongue the more opportunity your allowing it absorb and do its work. (Here’s a tip from Evangeline Rochforte from Boston MA. I let 1Hour Break absorb for as long as possible under my tongue. I don’t swallow the solution until my saliva completely dilutes it.)

Recommended Tip: Create a relaxing routine when using 1Hour Break or follow this one. Start with 5 sprays. While allowing 1Hour Break to absorb, we recommend you meditate. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly. Use this time to calm your mind, decrease your heart rate, and regain your focus and composure. Then take another 5 sprays and follow the same meditation routine. Repeat as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Should I take more sprays?

Answer: Start with a minimum of 10 sprays and experiment with you body and adjust the dose accordingly. Everybody is different. People have different body types and sizes. Also each stressful situations is different. What’s great about 1Hour Break is that you can customize it to fit you and each situation you face.

Question: I read that Kava Kava numbs the mouth and tongue. Does 1Hour Break, also numb these areas?

Answer: Yes. Kava is a natural anesthetic. The effect is temporary and only lasts a few moments. It will not affect the way you speak. This is a sign of high quality and the potency of the kava preparation. Our 1Hour Break is not diluted. It is the most potent and concentrated form of kava extract available. Herbalists and kava users find this feeling enjoyable including us. If you ever take kava without these effects either the solution is diluted, the plant strain is undesirable, or there is no kava in it.

Question: I understand that “effect” is a subjective experience, but is it possible to describe the effect of 1Hour Break?

Answer: 1Hour Break does not make you drowsy, effect your mental clarity, or physical ability. It does not cloud your judgement or abilities. When you are stressed out, nervous, anxious, or have a panic attack it brings you back to a normal serene state. It’s been described as a relaxed and focused calm feeling.

Question: How long does the effects of one dose (five sprays) last?

Answer: Up to one hour. Hence the name 1Hour Break.

Question: How long does a bottle last?

Answer: This varies on how often you use it. 1Hour Break is designed to be a safe natural solution for everyday use. There are 80 sprays and up to 15 serving in each bottle. Each serving is 5 sprays.