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#BeatAnxiety: Join the 1Hour Break Movement

The fun begins here. Right now. Yes, this exact moment!

Have you ever wanted to help your friends who struggle dealing with every day stress and anxiety?

Have you, yourself ever felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities and pressures you face at work, in your home environment or simply from life but what your doctor prescribes you, makes it difficult for you to function without taking another prescription as well?

You should know that you’re not alone in your struggles and now you have the opportunity to do something about it!

1Hour Break is a family-owned and operated company based out of San Diego, CA with a relatively new product that has the power to 1) Provide stress and anxiety relief; and 2) Drastically change how the world views and treats stress and anxiety.

Learn why and how this family, who also struggled with stress and anxiety, created 1Hour Break:


“We want 1Hour Break to open up an entirely new conversation about simply leading a healthier, more natural lifestyle,” said Nguyen. “We believe our product not only provides a much needed benefit but more importantly our hope is that 1Hour Break encourages a shift in mindset, allowing our community to become excited to join the natural movement. We encourage more holistic practices and awareness that all-natural alternatives do exist and can be cool, fun, and easily integrated into everyone’s lives.”

This is where you come in!

1Hour Break has invited our community to join them in their quest and with our help, #BeatAnxiety.

Take a look at their IndieGogo campaign: