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1Hour Break® founded in San Francisco

Privately Owned & $100k Funded

Family owned and operated. Top funded health campaign on Indiegogo

Every State & 45 Countries

Growing number of communities positively touched by 1Hour Break® worldwide



We invite you to join the 1Hour Break® movement.

Our story starts while working in corporate America. We saw a destructive, downward spiral when people consumed and relied on dangerous products to deal with their stress-related issues: energy drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, processed food, medications. We were also victim to these same vices, we knew we could do better so we created 1Hour Break® – Natural everyday stress & anxiety relief.

We believe our product not only provides a much needed benefit but more importantly our hope is that 1Hour Break® encourages a shift in mindset, allowing our community to become excited to join the natural movement. We encourage more holistic practices and awareness that all-natural alternatives do exist and can be cool, fun, and easily integrated into everyone’s lives.

Today, we source Kava Kava root from Fair Trade farmers on Vanuatu Island, producers of the highest quality kava in the world. And people from all walks of life have shared with us how 1Hour Break® has helped reduce their stress naturally, changed their lives for the better and helped them reconnect to something deeper. It’s done that for us, too.

1Hour Break® Team – Enjoy Life. Experience More.